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Our Group Drumming Events are just plain 'FUN'!!
Outdoor or Indoors, Big or Small Events

Our goal is to bring music to our students, through having fun. The best way to learn, is if you are enjoying yourself. Learning can be a lot of fun and drumming & percussion tends to be on the high end, of the FUN & ENTERTAINMENT Scale! A party isn't a party, until the music starts to play. Drumming & percussion is the back beat of music. Drumming & percussion instrument were the first human made instruments of music.

Our 'Group Drumming' Class Offerings:

Our group drumming classes can be done for any size gathering or event. Our classes can be for a small to large party, a large event, or a festival setting. With smaller events, the students will get the full time allotted. With larger events we can process large amounts of students through the group drumming event, giving many participants a chance to experience & enjoy the group drumming.

Group Drumming with Djembe Drums

Our most popular introduction to percussion classes and events, are based on using djembe drums for group drumming. The djembe drum's unique shell shape & tight head, gives it a very wide range of tone. Students can be taught to use the tonal dynamics of the drum, very quickly. From this, we begin to use these tones, to create music; while learning proper & safe techniques, for playing hand drums.

Introduction to The Wonderful World of Percussion

This class is 'Group Drumming with Djembe Drums', plus 'A World of Percussion Instruments'. It adds on the djembe lessons, by showing the hand drum techniques on different types of hand drums. Not only do we bring djembes & a few different types of hand drums, we also bring a very wide range of unique non-drum percussion instruments. We demonstrate all of the instruments and everyone has a chance to play them all. It is a great way to introduce students to the many types of percussion instruments, their sounds & how they are played. It is a wonderful experience for children & adults alike.

Building Music with The Wonderful World of Percussion

This class builds on the 'Introduction to The Wonderful World of Percussion' class. It can be offered as a separate secondary class or it can be added to the 'Introduction to The Wonderful World of Percussion' class, for an extended event. The focus of this 'Wonderful World of Percussion' session, is to explore the voices of the many percussion instruments. Those voices are then analyzed & used to fill the musical space. Each percussion instrument has a specific voice & space that it can fill. Students learn about different types of percussion instrument's voices & some of their possible places to use them, in the musical space.

Rythym + Rythym = Music; with The Wonderful World of Percussion

This class picks up where the 'Building Music with The Wonderful World of Percussion' class, leaves off. The focus of this class, is to have the students work together to build music with a variety of percussion instruments. With the understanding of the instruments' voices, the class breaks into groups. Each group using a different percussion instrument, layers the instruments' voices into the musical space & collectively makes music together. This is an intense & wonderful experience. This class can either be offered as a stand along class, or be the 3rd part, of an extended event with the previous 'World of Percussion" prerequisite classes.

Building Teams & Music; with The Wonderful World of Percussion

Our 'Team Building' class focuses on the successful use of percussion instruments to demonstrate the importance of each member of a team & the mutual respect needed for each member, by each member. Like the 'Rhythm + Rhythm = Music; with The Wonderful World of Percussion' class, this class has the participants use layers of percussion, to build music. After the students successfully make music together, as a team, it is time to shake things up. The instruments are then shuffled amongst the team & now everyone has to do someone else's job, while still being successful in making music. This is where the participants learn that everyone's job in the team, is important & no one's job is easy. This is an essential quality for a successful team. Each team member must do their job well & have respect for each other's part of the whole. Working together for success. This is a longer class than other 'The Wonderful World of Percussion' classes. It is great for businesses and can be scheduled for either a half day or full day 'business team building' event. We will travel to your business location. Call Us at (802)322-DRUM to discuss your event & business location, for a quote. A fun team building event, that quickly demonstrates the importance of team & it's member's respect for their other team members, their teammates.

Be the band & feel the stage!

This unique event offering takes banging on a drum, to the ultimate level. The participants are given instruction on the proper & safe use of the djembe drum. They then practice together for a while. Then, Gordon Goes, teamed with a guitar player or band, performs for the participants & the crowd. After a brief performance, the students join Gordon and the band, on stage, to perform for the crowd. The participants follow Gordon's lead & feel the stage as a performer. The joy on their faces & their feelings of accomplishment, makes this experience unforgettable.

Custom Group Drumming Classes; tailored to your groups needs!

Our group drumming & percussion classes can be tailored to your groups specific needs. Everyone should be able to experience the joys & benefits of group drumming. It has a long history, as a beneficial social engagement, which fosters community & a sense of group accomplishment, through individual participation & contribution.

Start your journey today!

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Gordon Goes, for more information or to schedule a class or event.

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Gordon Goes

Founder & Director of "Bang On A Drum" School of Percussion

"Everyone, should be able to experience the joys & benefits of drumming."
- Gordon Goes, Bang On A Drum

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