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Killington, Vermont

"Bang On A Drum" Lessons
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Our Individual Percussion Classes.

Call or text us at (802)322-DRUM or Email; to schedule your individual percussion classes. Classes can be tailored for the individuals likes and needs. The classes can be for many percussion instruments or for just what you are interested in learning. From Drum Kit to Hand Drums & a wide variety of percussion instrument instruction, is available.

For more information on "Bang On A Drum" and the instruments we offer lessons in, visit our about page .

Success in helping students with physical ailments

Because we tailor our classes to the needs and wants of the student, we have had much success helping students with physical ailments such as multiple sclerosis (MS) and Parkinson's disease. With consideration of the individuals limitations, we help to find the best percussion instrument to give the student the benefit of drumming and percussion. Drumming can relieve the symptoms of these conditions and is a positive homeopathic regiment.

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