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This from "Somewhereville" by "Bow Thayer and the Euphorians"
Produced by "Bow Thayer" & "Gordon Goes"
Drums & Percussion by "Gordon Goes" (Founder of "Bang On A Drum")

A Rewarding Endeavor!

Recently, Gordon Goes, Director & lead instructor of 'Bang On A Drum' School of Percussion, was interviewed for an article in the Killington, Vermont, local newspaper; The Mountain Times. He was asked "Why he started "Bang On A Drum?" Goes answered: "I think if I can introduce music and drumming to a child and have that become a part of their life, then I have done well that day. The joy of watching the children embrace the beauty of music and rhythm, is what makes this job so rewarding. The happiness I see in the young student drummers, warms my heart and makes my day."
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A Traveling School of Percussion
Learning with a focus on FUN!

Bang On A Drum - School of Percussion, brings individual or group percussion lessons & group drumming events, to you! We can bring the lessons to your home, school, business or event. Our group drumming events are great at birthday parties, graduations, cookouts, gatherings, weddings or just about any event. We also have a business focused class that uses percussion for team building & is perfect for any businesses looking to foster a solid team. Our group drumming events are a hit with all age groups. Our children's "group drumming" 'Drum Party' Gift certificate badges , are a favorite gift item for any young aspiring drummers & percussionists. We bring everything we need to your location. Text or Call Us at (802)322-DRUM or Email to schedule group or individual lessons and group drumming parties at your home, school, business or event. You also find us on social media . We promise that you will learn about percussion, keeping time, sharing musical space and many more important aspects of rhythm & music. Of course, you will have a lot of fun while you are doing it!

"The Beauty of Rhythm"

Bang On A Drum - School of Percussion, can bring a wide variety of percussion instruments to it's classes. We pride ourselves in being able to expose our students to a wide range of percussion instruments and strive to show the individual voices of those instruments. Each instrument has a voice, particular types of sounds, pitches & range. We teach our students how to listen to the instrument as they play it and allow themselves to play the instrument as it wants to be played. Through practice playing, listening to the instrument and direction from our instructor, the student soon seamlessly plays the melodic tones. While exploring the instrument(s), we continue to reinforce the utter importance of keeping time; an integral part of a drummer's & percussionist's job. Solid time keeping comes with exercises, lessons and practice. But the one thing is, that it is so much fun, when you get in the groove and have a true sense of time.

Drumming has many benefits, for all ages & skill levels

The benefits of drumming are well known. All ages and skill levels will reap the benefits of drumming. Gordon Goes, our Founder, believes the art of getting in the groove, while keeping time, is the point that you enter the zone. You are almost on autopilot. It is akin to meditation and we know how good that is for you. This state of near meditation, is what musicians feel when it all clicks. Whether you are a professional or a new student, it is possible to get in that zone and feel the beauty & benefits of drumming."

Drumming fosters concentration, analytical & critical thinking & creativity. It stimulates both sides of the brain. Studies show that students math scores increased, when they took part in daily drumming & music. It helps reduce stress. It is a calming exercise. Our bodies and the world around us, are in constant rhythm. We all have connection to rhythm, and playing drums deepens that connection. This is why, the benefits are many. Give your child, grandchild, or a special kid, the gift of drumming. Our "Gift Certificate Badges w/ Safety Lanyards", make a great gift. Purchased at the 'Bang On A Drum' Shop (Online w/ Square) at . These Gift Badges, can be purchased for Lessons and Group Drumming Events . Purchase the Gift Badges at , select to "ship" to gift recipient & we will ship in gift packaging. The child's excitement starts when they receive their Gift Certificate Badge w/ safety lanyard. Badge can also be delivered at time of event, as a surprise. Call us if you have any questions. Our goal is to help you make the gift a hit & we will work with you to the best of our ability, to make that happen. The gift and/or surprise, "Drum Party" Group Drumming Event, is always a hit! The guest of honor & all the guests have great fun & leave with feelings of accomplishment. A truly unique party entertainment choice, that is sure to be remembered by all, well after the party or event. Make your party, the party that guests can't stop talking about.

Gordon Goes, Our Founder & Director

Our Founder, Gordon Goes, is an experienced drummer & percussionist. His unique and diverse talent for using percussion instruments in contemporary music, allows him to teach percussion in such a way that the students are able to apply what they have learned, to any style of music they desire. Gordon Goes is not just the Director, he is the lead instructor & enjoys sharing his knowledge and skills. He is a great teacher and can quickly convey lessons to all students, from young children to elderly adults. His passion for drumming & percussion, is contagious. Above all, the classes are always fun & enjoyed by the students. The classes, do not limit the use of a particular percussion instrument, to the style of music that it came from. When the voice of the percussion instrument is analyzed and studied, it opens up a whole new frontier of uses, for that instrument. Each percussion instrument is a unique tool of percussion & we teach our students, how to use them like a fine craftsmen.

"Teaching A World of Percussion""

Our goal is to offer lessons in the use of a full range of percussion instruments, thus giving the student an arsenal of choices, when adding percussion to any style of music. Even though we are called "Bang On A Drum" - School of Percussion, we teach many non-drum percussion instruments. You will learn about percussion instruments from shakers, to hand drums, to drum kit. We have the experience with, and the passion for, percussion. Let us teach you what you need, to enjoy playing percussion and to play it well.

Some of the many percussion instruments we have available for lessons.
Great lessons are learned while having fun!

With a wide range of percussion instruments from shakers to drums, our drum school, is truly a school of percussion. We have classes that focus on one instrument and other classes that use a few. But in either case, we teach the proper and safe way to play the instrument(s). After that, we use the instruments to foster sharing of the musical space, working together, self confidence and great feelings of accomplishment. The smiles, laughter and joy in the faces of children, is proof in itself that this is a fun way for learning music. We can tell you how much fun our lessons & events are, but the best way to see, is through photos of past events. They say, "A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words", so check out our photo gallery . We work with the students to understand and learn each individual percussion instrument's voice. Our classes strive to teach the students how to use these voices to share the musical space. The understanding of this sharing of the space, along with the importance of time, ensures our students will build a respect for each other & the musical space that each individual is filling. This concept is very important when playing music & in life itself.

Contact Us via Phone or eMail

We can be reached by via phone, CALL or TEXT: (802) 322-DRUM (3786) . Or we can be reached via EMAIL, at . We look forward to hearing from you, to discuss our class & event offerings and to schedule your classes or events. We can do either group, individual or customized classes. And we offer fun & unique group drumming party entertainment. Entertainment that not only entertains your guests, but they learn, have fun & leave with great feelings of group bonding and accomplishment. It does not require any special skills or advanced training to enjoy group drumming & it is sure to be enjoyed by all. Whether you are beginning your journey into the world of percussion, or you already play and would like to expand your knowledge of a variety of percussion instruments, or hone in your skills on a particular percussion instrument. We can teach a wide range of percussion instruments from shakers & tambourines to hand drums & drum kits. Don't wait any longer. All ages are encouraged to participate.

We believe that you are NEVER TO YOUNG & NEVER TO OLD, to "BANG ON A DRUM"!!!.

Contact our Founder & Director,
Gordon Goes for more information or to schedule a class or event.

Phone: (802) 322-DRUM (3786)
Voice & Text



Thank You,
Gordon Goes

Founder & Director of "Bang On A Drum" School of Percussion

"Know the beat & ride the groove."
- Gordon Goes, Bang On A Drum

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