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Recently, Gordon Goes, Director & lead instructor & 'Bang On A Drum' School of Percussion, were featured in an article in the Killington, Vermont, local newspaper; The Mountain Times. The article was about a group drumming event for Killington Elementary School & the Preschool at Killington. Here is a quote from that article by Betty Hughes, the Director of the Pre-Kindergarten Program at Killington. She stated:

"Gordon believes that Drumming is for everyone and promotes a sense of joy and community, a goal in common with the pre-k school community," said Betty Hughes, director of the pre-kindergarten program at Killington. "Gordon believes that group drumming helps connect with self and others and emphasizes self-expression and good team building. Nearly every culture on earth has some form of drumming, and now the pre-k in Killington has too!" Hughes added. - See more at:

The pictures above show how much enjoyment that the students have in our group drumming events. Give us a Call Us at (802)322-DRUM to discuss your event & get a quote.

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