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Bang On A Drum's Testimonials

Some of our most cherished customer testimonials, come from our group drumming children & their handmade thank you notes. Below is a picture of some of these cherished children's thank you notes, that "Bang On A Drum" & Gordon Goes, has received. These cards are filled with appreciation for the drumming experience & inspiration to play their drums at home more frequently. They are very heartwarming & are a reminder to us, of how important it is to share the drumming experience with children. Our Cherished Thank You Letters from Children
Below, you can read a few of our written testimonials, from teachers and a student. The heading above the testimonial, tells the type of lesson or event that "Bang On A Drum" performed for the testimonial writer.

The Wonderful World of Percussion - Group Drumming Session

Gordon Goes was a guest drummer at Killington Elementary School. His son was a student in my class and he organized and led his son's class in an hour of drumming. He provided a drum for each child, giving all of the children a hands-on experience with drumming. Mr. Goes taught the children the basics of drumming and the different types of drums. The presentation ended with the students drumming a chant for an audience. This was an enjoyable experience and we appreciated that Mr. Goes shared his expertise with our students.

Lisa Laird
Teacher, Killington Elementary School

Individual Private Lessons

I took drumming lessons this past summer in Killington, VT from Gordon Goes. He's a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructor, who's love of all aspects of drumming is contagious. He is a hard working individual who was always prompt, patient and encouraging. If you are interested in learning to drum give him a try.

"Bang On A Drum" Student
Private Individual Lessons - Snare Drum & Brushes

Group Drumming Event

I am pleased to write this reference on behalf of Gordon Goes. As the new Director and Lead Teacher for the Preschool at Killington, I was impressed with his offer to bring music into our classroom. I had just met him and I was very excited when I asked him very casually if he could visit our preschool classroom of three, four and five year olds to "play the drums". He said, "Absolutely!" And he did! It is a goal for me as a teacher to cover the six content areas of our curriculum and music is one of these. We do have other musicians scheduled to visit with us, and Gordon will be coming back as well.

It is our mission at The Preschool at Killington, to provide a safe, nurturing and caring environment to support individual children's learning as they develop as a whole child; socially, emotionally, physically and academically, and I appreciate Gordon sharing his passion with the children.

We believe that teachers are collaborators, researchers and nurturers who are dedicated to supporting children and parents. Children learn through play, individual and cooperatively with other children. Music is an essential part of their lives; for movement, listening and the experience of working with instruments they might not otherwise have exposure to. In our classroom the children are given the freedom to construct their own knowledge. We have built a classroom community and an environment where the children can develop their talents and the potential is respected and nourished. And, we think we have some future drummers in our midst!

Gordon has been instrumental in giving the children the motivation to ask for more music. We do have a music activity center and since Gordon has been here the drums are the first instrument they pick up.


Betty Hughes
Director / Lead Teacher
P@K - Preschool at Killington
Educational Consultant

Recently, Gordon Goes, Director & lead instructor at 'Bang On A Drum' School of Percussion, were featured in an article in the Killington, Vermont, local newspaper; The Mountain Times. The article was about a group drumming event for Killington Elementary School & the Preschool at Killington. Here is a quote from that article by Betty Hughes, the Director of the Pre-Kindergarten Program at Killington. She stated:

"Gordon Goes, is a local legend and we are so fortunate to have him take time to come and teach us, and play with us, and let us be creative." Hughes stated.
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Betty Hughes
Director / Lead Teacher
P@K - Preschool at Killington
Educational Consultant

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